Bet on Millie, the Moloch Street Mangler

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From: A Night at the Spider Pits

A gargantuan beast, half the height of a man and twice as hairy. She lumbers into the ring on seven bristling legs. The eighth is a mere stump, capped with a steel hook.

Unlocked with Piece of Rostygold 30

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


The Mangler wins!

Millie wades into the free-for-all, tossing hapless arachnids behind her. One sails clean out of the ring and onto a zailor's head. In a matter of minutes the sawdust is streaked with ichor and decorated with legs. Your spider is triumphant!


A giant laid low

Cobwebs squirt and fluids fly. The Moloch Street Mangler fights valiantly, but eventually she disappears beneath a wave of scuttling bodies.