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Hi again!

Storylet options[edit]

Today's redesign blog is all about storylets. More precisely, about needing to open fewer wiki pages in the background if you're interested in seeing (or comparing) the outcome of certain actions offered by the card or storylet.

Here is my tentative new template in action: User:Achris/FullPage

A hastily scrawled warning note: Some things aren't yet fully working, or working at all, but the basic idea is easier access to spoilers and less 'link jungle.' (Among the things that aren't working properly: [^] links of advanced appearance-tweaked options, and seasonal/retired content pages.)

New features[edit]

Couple points on what the new stuff does and doesn't:

  • It's fully automated! (Which is very important to keep the content up-to-date)
  • Choices show up with their associated image in collapsed state
  • Action description text is stripped, unlock/lock and challenge info are condensed
  • All description text is stripped from outcomes
    • Leaving only the heading (Success/Failure/…) and the result titles, as well as the results
    • This hopefully means the copyright notice after the storylet description is sufficient, but would be good to check back with FBG
    • Link to the full-fledged action page (with all text) is still present
  • Result images are scaled down to a compact width of 20px (standard is 40px)
  • Color stripes to visually help navigate the page if multiple options are expanded
    • The colors repeat themselves after #4 (so the fifth item is grey again, if present).
    • Better color set suggestions are welcome!
  • Feel free to edit some card or storylet pages on the wiki and replace {{Card}} or {{Storylet}} with {{NewStorylet}} to see how the new version would look like there
    • But please remember not to hit Publish, only use the preview buttons ;-)


  • The new templates use several regular expressions, so page performance is expected to (perhaps significantly) decrease.
    • (I have not measured anything yet. Pure speculation as of now.)
    • My assessment is that increasing page load time would be a fair deal for the improved usability, but you might very well disagree.
  • Custom page title appearances are supported, check the rubbery hound option in User:Achris/FullPage source for details

I'll try to iron out some of the remaining problems this week, but would be inclined to make the switch for most pages even if not everything runs smoothly in the new template.

Feedback wanted![edit]

Of course this will not happen without the input of my fellow editors, and I might have missed some glaringly obvious issues that you would like to have fixed as well, so please leave comments (of any kind, even the pushing-me-down-a-well wishes for ruining perfectly fine templates again). I'm happy to answer questions too :)