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(created by Achris on 21:15, 15 July 2015)
Images! Icons! Pictures!

Articles now show small images next to the item and quality links for
Challenge attributes:

Narrow, Seeking... 8
Card/storylet and action unlock requirements:

Unlocked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 1, Connected: Criminals 15
Card/storylet and action lock […]
View action results in storylet pages
(created by Achris on 11:48, 29 June 2015)
Hi again!

Storylet options

Today's redesign blog is all about storylets.
More precisely, about needing to open fewer wiki pages in the background if you're interested in seeing (or comparing) the outcome of certain actions offered by the card or storylet.
Here is my tentative new template in […]
New item template
(created by Achris on 23:10, 20 June 2015)

(Check Puzzling Map or any other item page!)
I don't know much about writing blogs, so please bear with me :-)
Over the past few days I made several edits to {{Item}} that had a large impact on how item pages render. While some rough edges are still to be expected as I continue tinkering, […]