Wiki Notes

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I've started to standardize the way that wiki notes look across different pages.

Adding a single note[edit]

If you want to add a wiki note on a page, please use the {{Wiki Note}} template:

{{Wiki Note|<some text>}} --> Wiki note: some text

Article Templates[edit]

{{Storylet}}, {{Card}}, {{Action}}, etc. now have a "Wiki Note" parameter which uses the above template to add a comment relevant to that stotylet/action, etc. Please use this instead of other fields not designed for this (such as "Description summary" which is for summarizing the text, and "Unlocked with" which is for requirements.


I still need to add this new parameter to all article templates. Notably, it's still missing from the Social Action templates.

End goal[edit]

As we use more helper templates, these article templates look more and more standard, and eventually will all use underneath a single template, which will avoid a lot of code repetition and inconsistencies in display.