Changes to Quality and Item pages

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Semantic MediaWiki has been installed, and {{IL}} has been reworked to take advantage of Semantic MediaWiki. Huge thanks to PSGarak for doing the work necessary to make use of SMW.

In the past, y'all may have noticed slight performance degradations for a while after entries were added to Module:IL/images, because MediaWiki would have to reparse every single page that used {{IL}} (approximately 30k pages). This approach should allow MediaWiki to only reparse pages that are affected by a given image change.

What does this mean for editors? Going forward, there will no longer be a need to remember to add an item's image to Module:IL/images. Instead, {{Quality}}, {{Item}}, and a few other templates now support the |Icon parameter. Instead of adding [[File:Imagename.png|right]] to the top of an item or quality page, you should instead include |Icon = Imagename.png as a parameter to {{Item}} or {{Quality}}. Action and Storylet pages are currently unaffected. Do not update Module:IL/images for new items and qualities.