Moving the Fallen London Wiki

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Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that this wiki is currently planning on leaving Fandom. I realise that this might appear to be a bit of a fait accompli; I'd like to explain the decision and our plans here.

We've had issues with Fandom for years now (for example: here, and here), and have long been aware of the perennial complaints amongst editors and the community about said issues. Five months ago, I reached out to a critical mass of active editors, and decided that there would likely be sufficient enthusiasm amongst editors for a move. Since then, we've been working on a new wiki, with the aim of making the experience better for everyone. Excitingly, Failbetter have agreed to help with this by covering the entire cost of hosting.

You can read our thread on the new wiki for a more in-depth explanation, and ask questions in the new wiki Discord

If you'd like to play around with the new wiki, it's accessible at Be aware - it's not perfectly in sync with this wiki, and any edits made there will likely be erased before official launch. We are planning to officially launch (with the latest content from this wiki) on Tuesday, 23rd March, though this timeline might get pushed forward, depending on when the Parabolan War is released.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback; it can be submitted either in the comments, in the #wiki-feedback channel on the wiki Discord or using this form. Bear in mind, although I've made every effort to fortify the wiki ahead of launch, things may not be completely stable at the moment. If you have any questions, let me know.