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In the Beginning there was chaos, and this displeased the Judgments. So the Judgments created Templates to shape the Universe; and there was order in the Universe

(From the Book of Asarta, Chapter 1.1),


For the last few days I've been busy creating Faction Templates to finally create an uniform look for their pages. These Templates can be found at User:Asarta/Templates/Template1 for normal Factions and User:Asarta/Templates/Template2 for factions using the Connected system. Examples of these templates can be seen at User:Asarta/Sandbox


Updated Factions[edit]

I originally included the following items divided into three sections in the normal Faction Template:

  • Description, just a small description pulled from either their card, Connected description or Sidebar Snippets in descending order.
  • Related Cards and Items
Opportunity Cards, self-explanatory
Faction Item, same
Connected Pet, same
Conflict Cards, those weird things that show up when you have 5 Favours of the right Faction + another Faction
  • Related Qualities
Closest To
  • Renown Items (all three of them)

Factions with Connected[edit]

In the Connected Template I instead included the following:

  • Description
Wiki Note explaining they still used Connected
  • Related Cards and Items
Faction Item, self-explanatory
Conflict Cards, those weird things that show up when you have 5 Favours of the right Faction + another Faction
  • Related Qualities
  • Renown Items
Wiki Note saying they don't have any

The Question[edit]

Interlude: Rahv7's wall[edit]

I then posted to both Rahv7's and Adnoam's Wall what they thought of it. Rahv7 responded that while he liked the work he would rather keep the current Layout which has the following Items: Description, Card, Pet, faction Item and Renown Items.
I would have gone along with this but Mona37 commented that they would actually be looking for Favours/Renown on those pages. As I find we shouldn't just decide such a change on a Message Wall I ask the Question to all of you; How should the Templates look.

Discussion Points[edit]

The Discussion points are:

  1. Description seems like a no-brainer to me but please still comment.
  2. Card, Item and Pet. These two seem like a auto include to me.
  3. Conflict Card. I find this important information even though they are relatively rare and some people might miss the fact they exist entirely but they should still be included.
Contrary point of view: They are almost never noticed and are a relative minor thing.
  1. Favour/Renown: Even though I agree with Rahv7 that these pages are relatively empty and mainly serve as redirects to their Source categories I still think they are an essential part of a Faction. If the emptiness of them is a problem I'd rather go with Mona37's suggestion to add a Section describing the easiest way to get them (Possibly Transcluded from Raising Favours) than omitting them. Edit: seeUser:Asarta/Sandbox#Favours Source Example, Faction: Bohemians
  2. Renown Items also seem like an auto include to me.

Last Comment by Me[edit]

Please comment! I will be leaving messages on the Wall of active users but even if I forget to invite you but you believe your opinion is valuable comment! That also goes for those of you who aren't logged in, if you have something to contribute do!

Final Final Note[edit]

I will close this discussion when we've either reached consensus or when a week has passed. If there is no consensus after a week I'll let the admins decide.

Asarta (Talk) 14:56, July 5, 2020 (UTC)


It seems that most of the discussion will still happen at Rahv7's wall. Any comments here however will be seen by me and considered.


As no new comments have been posted in day's and I expect to roll out this Template somewhere in the next 24 hours I will now close of commenting