Raising Favours

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This guide lists the best repeatable methods in London for raising Favours for characters whose major qualities are 100 or more.

General Methods[edit]

Faction Opportunity Cards[edit]

Each faction has its own Opportunity card which provides an option to gain 1 Favour.

Keep in mind, that Time, the Healer gives a single Bazaar.png Favourable Circumstance each week (up to 1), which can be used to force-draw any of the faction cards, effectively giving you a single chosen Favour! (Just remember to have the item needed to redeem it, as leaving that card will waste your Circumstances!)

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Opportunity cards associated with specific Factions.

Faction Card
Bohogirl1.png Faction: Bohemians Showgirl.png The Demi-Monde: Bohemians
Manacles.png Faction: Criminals Hench2.png The Alleys of London: the Criminals
Devil.png Faction: Hell Devil.png Burning Shadows: the Devils of London
Flames.png Faction: Revolutionaries Revolutionary.png Gunpowder and Zeal: the Revolutionaries
Rubberyman.png Faction: Rubbery Men Rubberyman.png Slime and Amber: the Rubbery Men
Salon3.png Faction: Society Societywoman.png Park and Palace: Society
Clergy.png Faction: The Church Church.png Altars and Alms-Houses: the Church
Copper.png Faction: Constables Copper.png Court and Cell: the Constables
Ship.png Faction: The Docks River.png By the River's Side: the Docks
Pawn.png Faction: The Great Game Spypaper.png Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game
Bandagedman.png Faction: Tomb-Colonies Tombcolonist.png Bandages and Dust: The Tomb-Colonies
Urchin.png Faction: Urchins Spite2.png The Roof-Tops: Urchins

Connected Pet Cards[edit]

Each faction (with the exception of Rubbery Men) has its own pet which provides an Opportunity card, with an option to gain 1 Favour. You can only have one Connected Pet at a time.

Pet Name Stats Favours Pet Card Reward
Dog2.png Hungover Terrier Sidebarbizarre.png +1 Bizarre Bohogirl1.png Bohemians Bottlewillow.png Heart.png 15 x
Lantern.png Inspired...
Parrot.png Preening Macaw Sidebarbizarre.png +1 Bizarre Devil.png Hell Parrotsmall.png Conversation.png 3 x
Sidebarmakingwaves.png 1 CP
Tombraven.png Bandaged Raven Sidebarbizarre.png +1 Bizarre Bandagedman.png Tomb-Colonies Tombraven.png Sunset.png 3 x
Quirkmelancholy.png Melancholy
Kitten.png Grubby Kitten Sidebardreaded.png +1 Dreaded Urchin.png Urchins Kitten.png Scaryeye.png 3 x
Ratsstring.png 20 x
Mole.png Subtle Mole Sidebardreaded.png +1 Dreaded Pawn.png The Great Game Mole.png Scrawl1.png 3 x
Wolfie.png Disappointing Marsh-Wolf Sidebardreaded.png +1 Dreaded Manacles.png Criminals Wolfie.png Scrap2.png 3 x
Hound.png Maverick Bloodhound Sidebardreaded.png +1 Dreaded Constablebadge.png Constables Houndsmall.png Mountainglow.png 1 x, Papers3.png 1 x, Bookpurple.png 1 x
Beetle.png Tell-Tale Beetle Sidebarrespectable.png +1 Respectable Clergy.png The Church Beetle.png Papers3.png 3 x
Raven.png Taciturn Mynah Sidebarrespectable.png +1 Respectable Ship.png The Docks Ravensmall.png Papers3.png 3 x
Slug.png Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree Sidebarrespectable.png +1 Respectable Salon2.png Society Slugsmall.png Bottlewillow.png 3 x
Tortoise.png Partisan Messenger Tortoise Sidebarrespectable.png +1 Respectable Flames.png Revolutionaries Tortoise.png Papers3.png 3 x


Mrs Plenty's Carnival[edit]

If your Renown is less than 5, you can expend two actions and a Carnival Ticket to gain 3 CP and 1 Favour. You will also gain some Renown at the same time, so this cannot be used forever even if you otherwise keep Renown low. This method can be used for all currently-converted factions.

The Big Top

  • Bohemian
  • The Church
  • Constables
  • Hell
  • Society
  • The Tomb-Colonies
  • The Widow

The Sideshows:

  • Criminals
  • The Docks
  • The Duchess
  • The Great Game
  • Revolutionaries
  • Rubbery Men
  • Urchins

Static Actions and Storylets[edit]

The fact that most Favours are gained through Opportunity Cards can frustrate players with bad luck or poor RNG optimization. Fortunately, each faction's Favours can be gained without the RNG's interference through fixed storylets.

Faction Items[edit]

Favours can be purchased for FATE using Faction Items.

Raising Specific Favours[edit]

Note: The following list only includes some notable sources for each Favours type. For a full list, please click the relevant category link from the entries below.





The Docks[edit]




Renown Rewards[edit]

Each faction has 3 items you can obtain, each unlocked at certain levels of Renown.

  • The items unlocked at Renown 10 cost 3 Favours to obtain, and are sourced from the relevant Faction Opportunity Card.
  • The items unlocked at Renown 25 cost 5 Favours to obtain, and are sourced from various mid-game areas.
  • The items unlocked at Renown 40 cost 7 Favours to obtain, and are sourced from various late-game areas or areas non-trivial to get to.