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First off those of you with a high Watchful probably have noticed that these Templates have already been implemented. That is indeed the case, but I suffered yesterday from the Treachery of Time and didn't have the time left to do this anymore.

After several discussions on Adnoam's Wall I've created two new Templates to deal with the way we handle profession's on this wiki: {{Profession}} and {{Profession Gain}}.

{{Profession Gain}}[edit]

{{Profession Gain}} is a brand new template for use on Actions which give out Professions. Its full documentation is on the Template page but it essentially works the same as {{Gain}} only with tweaked text and an extra parameter.


{{Profession}} is a template for formatting the main article pages of Professions. With the implementation of this template I've also moved the text from Category pages to actual pages. The documentation can be found on the template page.