Follow-up: Non-Standard Gain Messages

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[Following up on Blog:Mzs/Request for Feedback: Non-Standard Gain Messages.]

In my previous blog post, I proposed a couple options for supporting {{Gain}}s with non-standard messages and solicited feedback. It's taken a big longer than intended, but I've finished working on an expanded version of that proposal with the feedback factored in. I'm ready to apply the updates to the relevant templates, but since it involves changing several widely-used templates, I'm requesting folks take another look before I commit.

I've created a table of the templates to change for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the details. The main changes are:

  • Non-standard message support:
    • {{Gain}}, {{Item Gain}}, {{Increase}}, {{Drop}}, {{Item Loss}} each gain a message parameter to specify a non-standard message.
    • The amount to gain or lose can be specified by positional parameter, as usual, or the now parameter can be used to set to a particular value.
  • Hidden change and hidden requirement support
  • Deprecate {{Loss}}
    • This template will be fully redundant when {{Drop}} and {{Item Loss}} support non-standard messages, so we can deprecate and eventually delete it.