The Airs of London are stranger than usual

From Fallen London Wiki

Recently I've been using different actions that change The Airs of London, mainly in the Time in bed storylet in my Lodgings, but also in other places. It seems that the increases and decreases that were previously determined are incorrect and my Airs value is simply randomly set. At first I thought that it was fallowing a new formula that keeps track of my Menaces, but now it's quite obvious that the change is random. I've seen increases to over 80 (from initial value of 20 or so) and up to 101 (the new Airs don't seem to go over this number).

Have you been experiencing the same? Have you determined whether there is a pattern or is it completely random? Are the Airs set to the new number, or do they increase by a random number? Are decreases possible (not counting succeeding to steal from a cavalry officer)?