Case the townhouse of a Discerning Deviless

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From: Search Parabola for a Place in the Neath

Your Hellish contacts have told you of a Deviless with an exceptionally valuable stock of souls. You haven't been able to find them, but you might have more luck if you search from this side of the mirror.

Game Instructions: Success will yield information you can use to begin a heist in London. This story is part of the process to raise Shadowy Gains if they are currently 3.

Unlocked with Shadowy Gains 3, Base Shadowy 203, 7 x Favours: Hell

Locked with A Deviless' Address


By the scent of the rose

Parabola has known the Devils for a long time. The air reacts to their presence, a heavy scent of rosewater and defilement.

Conclusion: Learn what you can

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