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A former mark5
Addressing the people: the Cynic's Way5
Amend your ways, though it means turning your back on a friend10
An Evening of Wine and Souls10
An interesting proposition5
Ask for compensation10
Be cruel to be kind 210
Browse tales of pirates10
Choose the black card10
Complete your task15
Concentrate on winning the game15
Decline to answer10
Double-cross him!5
Drop in a love letter10
Enter the compartment - with the Hideous Promissory Note10
Exploit them5
Exterminate the rats but charge a fee5
Find a patsy10
Firecrackers in the thurible!5
For a little sport10
Help yourself to 'salvage'10
Hold him down10
If the poor dear needs company, she shall have it.5
Insist she tell you where to find Beechwood10
It depends... (Repeat)5
It depends...5
Join the mob hounding them5
Just watch5
Leave her to it5
Let the Unterzee have them10
Look away 25
Meditate on what it means to be monstrous4
Mock her10
Mock his scars15
No Restitution for the Drowned Man15
No. You have grown tired of this dalliance5
Oho! Ripe rats!10
Proof your rooftop against the urchins10
Remind a certain family of their patriotic duty15
Save yourself10
Sell snacks to the crowd5
Sigh and sell off the Working Rat5
Someone you used for gain5
Stand with the group5
Steal the candle10
Take care of yourself10
Take him home and squeeze him for secrets5
The Comtessa. She brought it on herself.5
The tawdry secrets of the famous laid bare!10
Threaten your crew15
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Example sources of Heartless Gain are some storylets in the The Shuttered Palace, such as The Antiquarian Footman.


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