Circumspect Ambush

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From: Knife-and-Candle: attack!

Use Elusive! This works best if your opponent is less Elusive than you.

Game Instructions: The winner will take an Iron Knife Token, a Nephrite Lens... and any stealable Knife-and-Candle weaponry.

Unlocked with 2 x Iron Knife Token, Shadowy 30

Challenge with Elusive!

Once Chosen

The soft wavering of gas-light

The battle is decided! If you've won, you'll take an Iron Knife Token from your opponent... if you're defeated, your opponent will take one from you. [Check your Messages inbox for more information.]


A Circumspect Ambush has left [StoryNexus username] ([Fallen London character name] in Fallen London) defeated! You've claimed one of their Iron Knife Tokens.


A Circumspect Ambush has left [Player] victorious! You've lost an Iron Knife Token to them.