Companion in Amber

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What plastic passions are enflamed behind closed doors? And what human consort could share your particular arts?

This item is only available by spending FATE.

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Effects when equipped in Spouse slot:

  • Also: Shared Best-in-Slot BDR item

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Associated FATE-locked Content

  • Unlocks a Very Infrequent London Opportunity Card with five options:
Option Requirements Effects
Pawn.png +2 CP Watchful
Spypaper.png +2 CP Shadowy
Rubberyman3.png Scandal set to 8, +3 CP Making Waves, 1 x Nodule of Warm Amber
Amber blue.png 500 x Nodule of Deep Amber -500 x Nodule of Deep Amber, +1 x Nodule of Trembling Amber
Amber green.png +1? CP Shapeling Arts