Corrective Historical Narrative

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Category: Book
- Manuscript Page
1.00 Unloved Short Story
2.00 Short Story
10.00 Competent Short Story
30.00 Compelling Short Story
50.00 Thrilling Short Story
60.00 Exceptional Short Story
70.00 Extraordinary Short Story
80.00 Masterful Short Story
130.00 Celebrated Short Story
180.00 Classic Short Story

27.50 Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals
27.50 O'Boyle's Practical Primer
40 Fungal Dangers and Poisons

- Comprehensive Study of
Avian Anatomies
- Unexpurgated Accounting of
the Anatomies of Aquatic Life-forms
- A Complete Account of Frogs...
- Survey of Arachnids and Insects
Native to the Neath and Unterzee

- Copy of your Allegorical Satire
- Copy of your Bazaarine Tale
- Copy of your Epic Poetic Cycle
- Copy of your Gothic Romance
- Copy of your Nocturnal Rhapsody
- Copy of your Ode to the Elder
- Copy of your Patriotic Adventure
- Copy of your Tale for the People
- Copy of your Tale of Espionage
- Copy of your Tale of the Future
- Copy of your Tragedy of Romance
- Copy of your Zeefaring Epic

(12.50) Revisionist Historical Narrative
(12.50) Corrective Historical Narrative

- Cryptopalaeontological Notes
- Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes
- Theosophistical Notes
- Volume of Cryptopalaeontological
- Volume of Prelapsarian
Archaeological Work
- Volume of Theosophistical Work

0.50 Unusual Love Story
6.00 Book of Hidden Bodies
- Slim Volume of Bazaarine Poetry
- Compilation of Case-Notes
- Notes on the Case of the
Speculative Arachnid
- Page from the Liber Visionis
- Illicit Volume of Unexpectedly
Racy Fungal-Themed Poetry
- Beechwood's Moral Selection
- On the Maladies of Goats, volume 1
- A Book of Crimson Prayer
- Tear-Drowned Collection of
Incomprehensible Love-Poems
- The Bishop's Good Book
- The Classicist's Expedition Journal

These stories have been inaccurately told for so long that it is difficult and precise work to set them straight again. Restoring truth without putting the audience to sleep is an even higher goal. The work of a Mithridant with a conscience.

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