Book Grinding (Guide)

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Item Grinding
Academic Book Cartography
Contraband Curiosity Currency
Elder Goods Great Game
Historical Infernal Influence
Legal Luminosity Mysteries
Nostalgia Osteology Rag Trade
Ratness Rubbery Rumour
Sustenance Theological Wild Words
Wines Zee Treasures Conversions

Short Stories[edit]

Short Stories ( ) can be created from The Writer's Desk: Finish a Short Story in Your Activities. See Short Stories (Guide) for more details.

Copy of your Court Work[edit]

Copies of your Court Works ( ) can be created by creating works in court. See Artistry in the Empress' Court (Guide) for more details.

Revisionist Historical Narrative[edit]

The Waswood


Corrective Historical Narrative[edit]

The Waswood


Pages of Notes[edit]

Notes can be acquired from scientific voyages. See Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery (Guide) for more information.

Unusual Love Story[edit]

Hunter's Keep

Station VIII


Book of Hidden Bodies[edit]

Bazaar Side-Streets

Your Lodgings


Slim Volume of Bazaarine Poetry[edit]

University Laboratory

The Bone Market