Correspond with an Incarcerate

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

They say she was New Newgate's first prisoner. That her crime was so horrible that it is never mentioned in law books or statute [...] sentenced by a secret convocation of judges. Was it curiosity that caused you to write to her? [...]

Game Instructions: The Incarcerate is Dangerous, Shadowy, and Dreaded.

Unlocked with 10 x Masquing

Locked with 1 x Regular Correspondence with an Incarcerate


A brisk Correspondence

[...] You struck up a brisk correspondence. She writes about her fellow inmates [...].

In return, she asks you specific questions about London. [...]

[...] One day, she hints, [...] she may reveal the crime that led to her present state.

Description summary:
News of New Newgate is exchanged for news of London. Your correspondent greatly appreciates your letters. One day, she may even disclose the nature of her crime.

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