Deliver the file to the Implacable Detective

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From: Another File for the Archives

"To think that my old research led to this. Once again, I'm impressed."

Unlocked with Associating with a Youthful Naturalist exactly 900


Life and Death

[...]rows of shrouded cadavers on tables: young and old, rich and poor, identified and nameless.

"[...] with your colleague at the helm, what will death even mean? What will life?" [...] When she finds the right [body], Special Constables roll it away as evidence.


Description summary:
You meet the Detective in the morgue of Concard Square, where she is inspecting corpses one by one. She says that the Dilmun Club doesn't understand all the implications of what has happened, and neither does she. With the Naturalist now rowing the boat of the Boatman, maybe nothing will change, maybe everything.

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Success Instructions: You have completed your research with the Youthful Naturalist, but countless more stories await in Fallen London. Thank you for playing, delicious friend, and may your future flourish!