Discuss your books at a particularly discreet salon

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From: Sift Through your Proscribed Material

The duller gazettes occasionally note this regular salon as 'the meeting place for marsh-botanists with an interest in social change'. You know better.

Game Instructions: This will always gain you Inklings of Identity. It may have other effects.

Unlocked with 25 x Proscribed Material

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 60%)


The only reasonable course

"...the imagery is banal, and I can't see why the Masters would seek to ban this nonsense in the first place. Glowing mountains and secret gardens indeed. Stuff and humbug! Let's get drunk."

Rare Success

Almost adorable

"...well, isn't this the sweetest little story? Apart from the drowning, I mean. And the marsh-wolves. Delightful. It fair brings a tear to even my eye. Why must they tax these tales of love so? It makes no sense at all."


Deducing an author

"...although I can't be sure, I think it's a transcription of a conversation with a revolutionary Rubbery Man. I know - scarcely believable. But the text does have a certain boneless authenticity to it..."