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Actions which give out Touching Love Story.

For a list of uses (cards/storylets it unlocks, and actions requiring it), see Category:Touching Love Story.

Reliable grinds:[1]

  1. Note: The seal of the hooded hawk in the Thieves' Cache is sometimes recommended as a grind, but the other options now available are better. The seal gives 3 stories per ~34 actions (~80/19 caches * 8+ actions/cache) at best - and per >>55 actions for those with pre-PoSI stats (>>13 actions/cache).
  2. You gain on average ~2.95 trophies per action, since the good cards are half as frequent as the middling ones. You need (4+1) actions to enter and leave the area. Jack is Very Infrequent, in a pool of 9 Standard and 2 other VI cards, all non-discardable.

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