Dragged in a man with a rope cravat!

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From: The Soul and the Number

The Cat has brought a friend. Someone you've seen in a dream. But the spirifer has lost his hat, and an eye. He's wearing a noose as a necktie. He looks terrified as he hefts his fork.

Game Instructions: Don't do this. This is even less wise than it sounds.

Unlocked with 10 x F.F. Gebrandt's Superior Laudanum, 1 x Starveling Cat, 4-5 x Stain on Your Soul



You take enough laudanum to fell a horse. [...]

A great sea of pain washes over you, drowns you, dissolves you. Will you even have the strength to find your soul again? You will. The number will come. [...] that d--nable creature has gone. [...]

Success Instructions: Can you really do this to yourself seven times? Stop now, for pity's sake!