Duel with Chi Lan, and cheat

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From: Duel Chi Lan, the Royal Fencing Instructor

That spirit you met on the boat looked a lot like Chi Lan. Are they related? You could repeat what the spirit said during a duel. That should put her off her stride.

Unlocked with Running Battle... 13, A Courier for the Dead 1

Locked with Wounds 3


Words of great effect

[...] You blurt out what the spirit told you. Chi Lan is frozen by the words [...] You wound her [...]

Feducci awards you the bout and the purse [...] Days later you hear of a spate of murders in Spite. [...] Chi Lan didn't like what she heard.

Description summary:
You tell Chi Lan what the spirit told you on the boat. The words stun Chi Lan enough so you can wound her. You win the duel. Days later, Chi Lan goes on a murder spree.

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