Faction: Summerset

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Fallen London's wealthy, Anglican university college.

Wiki note: This Faction still uses the Connections system which has been retired for most Factions. This means that it might miss some of the things normally associated with Factions such as Renown Items.

Related Cards and Items

Opportunity Card
This Faction has no associated Opportunity Card.
Faction Item
Endowment of a University Fellowship
Connected Pet
This Faction has no associated Pet.
Conflict Cards
This Faction has no Conflict Cards.

Related Qualities

Connected: Summerset
Notable Connected Sources
Notable Connected Uses
Source Action Location/Card Additional Cost/Requirements Connected CP Cost Reward Notes
Storylets Read out your Tales of Terror at a Summerset College Senior Common Room Your Inventory, Tale of Terror!! 50 x  Tale of Terror!!, Connected: Summerset 3 -5