Fadgett & Daughters

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By Appointment to the Shuttered Palace

This shop at the Bazaar sells various Clothing.

Item Buy price Sell price Stats
Corset2small.png Corsetted Dress E 28.80 E 12.50 Persuasive +2 Dangerous +2
Dressgreysmall.png Formidable Gown E 28.80 E 12.50
Gowngreysmall.png Respectable Grey Gown E 28.80 E 14.40
Gowngreensmall.png Elegant Emerald Gown E 115.20 E 62.50
Gownbluesmall.png Magnificent Midnight-Blue
Evening Gown
E 180.00 E 90.00
Gownivorysmall.png Exquisite Ivory Gown E 460.80 E 230.40
Gownparabolasmall.png Parabola-Linen Frock E 470.00 E 230.00