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From: Your Cabinet Noir: The Back Room

Sell this one off and start fresh.

Game Instructions: This may not generate as much profit as other uses of the Identity, but it will always pay back in proportion to your Elaboration. It rewards in Bottles of Broken Giant for an ordinary cover identity; in Thirsty Bombazine for a Surface identity; in Touching Love Stories for a Society identity; and in Sworn Statements for a Downtrodden identity. Magnificent Diamonds compensate for your expenditure on Backstory.
The more Banditry you have in the Upper River, the easier it will be to find a buyer.

Unlocked with Cover Identity: Elaboration 5

Challenge information

Broad, Shadowy 275

  • 188 - very chancy (41%)
  • 234 - chancy (51%)
  • 280 - modest (61%)
  • 326 - very modest (71%)
  • 372 - low-risk (81%)
  • 418 - straightforward (91%)
  • 459 - straightforward (100%)

Each point of Seeing Banditry in the Upper River reduces the base difficulty by 25 points.


A successful exchange

(See tables below)
TiesFirst paragraph
None[…] a compatriot of the Clay Highwayman who has had a crisis of conscience […] "I regret what I've done," he says frankly. "But I'd rather not go to prison for it all the same. Give me a life in the Neath I can live with honour, and I will."
SurfaceThe buyer is a Neath-born merchant who wants to establish a business where the sun shines. "But they're suspicious, […] if you were born below […] If you could make it look like I was married to a Surface merchant and inherited his way of business?"
BazaarThe buyer is a matron who wants to leave her marriage and never to look back. "I don't care what you make me, so long as I can find work, and so long as my former family doesn't find a trace of it."
DispossessedThe buyer is the son of a noble house keen to take up a job in one of Mr Fires' factories. "I know it's no place for a gentleman! […] But I must know what goes on in there! I've heard rumours – some sort of incredible source of heat – wild stories!"
ElaborationSecond paragraph
5-6You assemble the basic documents required for such a deception. Enough to make a new life for a few years.
7-9You provide more than enough for the deception: documents, letters of recommendation, the address of a safe house to use until something better can be secured, even the rudiments of a disguise.
10You assemble the most complete and thorough execution of this concept. Every detail of the cover's life has been elaborated and designed to precisely suit the purchaser, from place of birth to number of scars.

Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 2 – 29, 31 – 50, 52 – 85, 87 – 100

AirsThird paragraph
1-24That leaves only the matter of a discreet sale. You leave the packet, wrapped in brown paper, at the Left Luggage room of the station. Your buyer picks it up without ever seeing you, and leaves your payment in kind.
30-47That leaves only the matter of a discreet sale. You leave the packet under a pew at the Kirk. A few hours later, your payment awaits you instead.
51-74That leaves only the matter of a discreet sale. You leave the packet buried under a particular tree in the woods by Crathie. Your buyer collects it there, and sends your payment through the post.
86That leaves only the matter of a discreet sale. You leave the packet on seat 21 of an outbound train. Your buyer pays handsomely to buy every seat in that carriage
?That leaves only the matter of a discreet sale. You leave the packet with one of the women in the village. A few hours later, she comes down to the Station with your payment.

With no Cover Identity: Ties

With Cover Identity: Ties 1 - Surface

With Cover Identity: Ties 2 - Bazaar

With Cover Identity: Ties 3 - Dispossessed

Redirects to: Tidy away a Cover Identity


An unsuccessful exchange

The would-be purchaser of your documents glints at you […] It seems he is in fact a Constable. You remove yourself from the conversation before anything can go too terribly wrong, but not quickly enough to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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