Fight without taking your eye off the goods!

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From: Intervene in a Dockers' Brawl

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Description summary:
The title of this option is dynamic with Airs, and the description text depends on your fighting tradition.

0-24Fight your way towards the crates!
25-49Fight your way towards the pier!
50-59Fight away from the water's edge!
60-69Fight without taking your eye off the goods!
71-74Fight under the sign of the Helmsman!
75-79Fight away from the doorway of the Helmsman!
80-89Fight at the very edge of the water!
90-100Fight – and watch your back!
The School of Hard KnocksYou are a street fighter above all, and this is certainly a street fight.
The Forms of the Tomb-ColoniesIntroduce these dockers to the elegant fighting-arts of the Tomb Colonies. No one here is trained against a rapier or a lance.
The Adventuress' Correspondence CourseThe Adventuress' Correspondence Course had an entire chapter on waterfront altercations, with particular reference to the use of dock equipment.
Your Own Fighting StyleThey won't know what to do with a fighter of your skills.

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Unlocked with Taking Sides at a Brawl

Locked with Brawling with Dockers 150

Challenge information

Broad, Dangerous 125

  • 86 - very chancy (41%)
  • 107 - chancy (51%)
  • 128 - modest (61%)
  • 148 - very modest (71%)
  • 169 - low-risk (81%)
  • 190 - straightforward (91%)
  • 209 - straightforward (100%)

The difficulty is 175 if you are fighting for yourself




[Opponent actions]

Description summary:
The first half, describing your current condition, varies with Wounds. The second half, describing your opponents' actions in the battle varies with The Airs of London. Additionally, the title used for your opponents differs with Taking Sides at a Brawl.

0You're the only person in this fight not nursing a wound or two. You press that advantage, masterfully.
1You're a little bruised, but it's no serious impediment.
2You're barely wounded at all, unlike most of the others in this fight. It gives you a serious advantage.
3Later, perhaps, you'll feel the aches and pains of the wounds you've taken. For the moment, the excitement of battle keeps you from feeling anything. Your strength is unimpeded.
4You have to favour one leg a little in your fighting stance, but you're in better condition than anyone standing against you.
5Even wounded as you are, you're more than a match for the untrained fighters around you. And you're not nearly as drunk as they are.
6The pain is starting to distract you from the fight, but you can fight through it. You've done it before.
7You're in almost as bad a condition as the crates and barrels around you, but that doesn't stop you.
8+You're close to death. Only the excitement of the brawl is keeping you alive at all.
Taking SidesOpponents' Title
1 (Order)thieves
2 (Downtrodden) or 3 (Unlawful)owners
10 (Yourself)brawlers
1-24The [opponents] edge between you and the crates, trying to keep you from running off with anything. But there are fewer of them than there were.
25-39The [opponents] push you towards the crowd, perhaps hoping you'll get mired down fighting by-standers: an obvious move, and a somewhat desperate one.
40-49The [opponents] swear pungently. They can see that things are not going in their favour just now.
50-59The [opponents] surge forward, angling to force you towards the river – but so far you're doing more damage than they are.
60-69The [opponents] fall back, trying to regroup.
71-79The [opponents] are trying to back you towards the Helmsman and away from the crates.
80-89The [opponents] have no more room to back into. They're fighting desperately at the lip of the water now, inches from the oily water.
90-100The [opponents] are shouting for reinforcements. Do they have allies in the crowd?

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Rare Success

Down for the count



Description summary:
The action you take varies with Tradition and the response to that action varies with Taking Sides.

The School of Hard KnocksYou swing; you connect. And when you put someone down, they're unlikely to stand up again.
The Forms of the Tomb-ColoniesYou take out two brawlers at once: no matter how often they see you perform this little step, they're never expecting what you can do with your off-hand.
The Adventuress' Correspondence CourseOne of them comes at you with a knife; you shield yourself with the lid of a barrel. You take out another with a falling pile of cannonballs. In truth, the entire dockside is your weapon.
Your Own Fighting StyleYou throw them with their own weight; you happen not to be on the spot when they lunge. You are elusive as flame, unexpected as a hailstorm in Election season.
Taking SidesResponse
1 (Order)The owner of the crates shouts your name.
2 (Downtrodden)"There's more where that came from!" crow the dockworkers fighting alongside you.
3 (Unlawful)Your fellow thieves hoot their approbation and call you names like 'Stone's Fist' and 'Thunderclap'.
10 (Yourself)None of the other brawlers appreciates your artistry.

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(see table below)

Description summary:
Description changes with Tradition.

The School of Hard KnocksSwing hard enough, and occasionally you'll hit something that doesn't yield. Your fist is much the worse for the experience.
The Forms of the Tomb-ColoniesYour parry and riposte are executed beautifully. Unfortunately, that doesn't keep off the pack of rats conspiring with your opponent.
The Adventuress' Correspondence CourseThe problem with an improvised weapon in Wolfstack is that just occasionally the item you seize upon is from Polythreme, and has opinions.
Your Own Fighting StyleYour attack was fast, furious, and highly effective. Unfortunately, your opponent had an accomplice behind you with a very heavy cudgel.

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