Force him to drink the moon-milk, and abandon him here

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From: Light Fingers: The Fate of Poor Edward

He will look upon the ghost of the Orphanage and fall in love with it. He will haunt it forever, a creature of nightmares in a bleak ruin.


A kind fate

You place the goblet to his lips.[…]

You hold his head in place as he stares at the Orphanage.[…]

When you release him, Poor Edward stands and bows to you.[…]

For the first time[…] Poor Edward seems at ease. […] It suits him, to be a nightmare.[…]

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  • Lightfingerssmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Ambition: Light Fingers!' Quality is now 400 - Return to the Base-camp with the Hybrid safe and sound!
  • Pooredwardsmall.png An occurrence! Your 'The Fate of Poor Edward' Quality is now 3 - You forced Poor Edward to remain trapped in the nightmare-Orphanage forever!
  • Quirksubtlesmall.png Subtle is increasing… (+5 CP, up to level 15)
  • Quirkruthlesssmall.png Ruthless is dropping… (-5 CP)

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