Light Fingers: The Fate of Poor Edward

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As soon as the Boil of Calamities retreats, the snake-guests begin slithering away. Jasper and Frank amble back to the altar, wiping […] blood […] on the vesperal cloth.


"What do we do with him?" asks Clara, staring down at the wounded Poor Edward.

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies based on your previous choices.

ConditionSecond paragraph
Lyon Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary"It's been a peculiar afternoon, Jasper," says Frank solemnly. The other Clay Man nods in agreement.
A Pact with the Boil of CalamitiesHephaesta has finally defeated the shadow-faced orderly by the expedient method of picking him up bodily, hurling him down a flight of stairs, and locking the door. She returns to your side, breathing heavily, and claps you on the back.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Call on your pact with the Boil of Calamities or Grab the bell from Poor Edward's hand

Storylet appears in Parabolan Base-Camp


Put him out of his misery
Let Clara decide
Force him to drink the moon-milk, and abandon him here
Let the Hybrid decide