Further your transformation into one of the Masters

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From: The Rewards of Ambition

You have an appointment at the Bazaar.

Game Instructions: This will grant a mix of rewards and reduce your Suspicion.

Unlocked with The Robe of Mr Cards


The Red Science

Each month […] one of the Masters […] performs […] processes of the Red Science […] afterwards you are different. An organ has moved; a bone has elongated […] Your mind is changing, too […] lessons […] the secrets of the Bazaar […] Inch by inch, you are becoming Mr Cards. […]

Description summary:
The last paragraph varies based on The Airs of London.

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AirsLast Paragraph
1 - 19A new Tragedy Procedure is formulated – not for your loss which would be 'regrettable but irretrievable', but for an instance in which you would be compelled to play the Marvellous again.
21 - 38Flights over the Prickfinger Wastes, to test your agility, your alacrity and your acuity. You must be as sharp as the spikes below – and as fatal.
40 - 59Today, you are inducted into some of the deeper mysteries: the numerology of the Masters and the potency of their conjunctions.
60 - 79[…] are inducted into some of the deeper mysteries: the numerology of the Masters, the potency of their conjunctions and the impossibility of certain forbidden combinations. Not all of the Masters take it as seriously as others of their kin would like.
80 - 99Another afternoon, another maneuvering of Pages against you. You deflect its latest scheme with the grace of a mother cat pulling something from a kitten's paw. It will learn. In the meantime, you bolster your defences and cultivate your alliances.
100In a rare moment alone, you catch a glimpse of yourself in your oleaginous mirror. Do you recognise yourself, Mr Cards?