Harvest the roof

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From: Clear glim from the beetle shed roof

The glim represents a nice little earner for the labyrinth. Of course, the beetles can reduce a man to bones in the time it takes to say 'Oh God! Oh God! Get them off me!'

Challenge information

Broad, Dangerous 98

  • 67 - very chancy (41%)
  • 84 - chancy (51%)
  • 100 - modest (61%)
  • 116 - very modest (71%)
  • 133 - low-risk (81%)
  • 149 - straightforward (91%)
  • 164 - straightforward (100%)


Brushing your way to victory

[…]The trick, you learn, is to remain ahead of the swarm while you frantically brush the glim fragments off the roof with a long broom.

It's tiring work, but you have a considerable pile of glim by the time the senior keeper arrives[…]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]


Oh God!

A corner of the roof collapses under your weight. The beetles swarm towards you, chittering hungrily. Get them off! Get them off!