Time Passing in the Labyrinth

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Tick tock. Is that the time already?

Game Instructions: This will rise and fall as time's tide ebbs and flows

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Main Quality: Dangerous

This appears in the second coil of The Labyrinth of Tigers.


Each option will give +2 CP Time Passing in the Labyrinth on success and +1 CP on failure.

Time Passing 0-6[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success +2  Failure +1 
A day at the fishponds Feed the fishies 98  98  +1 
Cat fight! Break up the fight 98  49  +1 
Start the betting A matter of luck: it could go either way. 200  +1  (up to 5) -100  +1  (up to 5) +2 
The arena: Abraham the lizard Into the ring against Abraham 98  49  +1 
Clear glim from the beetle shed roof Harvest the roof 98  98  +1 
The escaping leopard After him! 98  98  +1 

Time Passing 7-8[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success +2  Failure +1 
Arthur's pond Row across the pond 100  50  +1 
The tigress is back Have you got a secret? 100  10  +1  -10 
The arena: the Inhabiter of Wolves The Inhabiter of wolves 100  50  +1 
The Thing in the Mirror Feeding time 100  100  +1  +1 
The escaping hyaenas Take them back 100  50  +1 

Time Passing 9[edit]

Success resets Time Passing in the Labyrinth to 0.

Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
The Fiddler's Fluke! Let's put it in pond seven 102  300  +3 
The Tiger Keeper wanders over A salon of tigers 102  150  +3 
The arena: the beast on two legs The Deranged Keeper 102  101  +3 
George is loose! Stop George! 102  100  +3 
The Bifurcated Owl Feed the owl 100  400  N/A