Have your soul examined

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From: The Museum of Souls

After very explicitly explaining that he's not allowed to remove it, even for the purposes of inspection.

Locked with Document.png Your very own Infernal Contract, Bloodstain.png Stain on Your Soul


An examination

He produces a device that resembles a magnifying glass[…]

[…]he pronounces your soul to be pleasingly chilled, clean-tasting, and abrasive. It appears pleasantly opaque, and constantly flickers. Its particular scent has notes of monkshood, wine, and bees.

Description summary:
The exact description varies based on your Quirks. The above description is for a character with a value of 10 for every quirk. See the table below for known variations.

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Quirk Range 0-4 5-9 10-12 14-15
Quirkheartless.png Heartless invitingly warm mildly spiced pleasingly chilled
Quirkaustere.png Austere richly seasoned subtly flavoured clean-tasting flavourless
Quirkruthless.png Ruthless smooth yielding abrasive sharp
Quirksubtle.png Subtle (unknown) rose-tinged pleasantly opaque densely shadowed
Quirkmelancholy.png Melancholy stands solidly still gently quivers constantly flickers
Quirkhedonist.png Hedonist sandalwood, sage, and brass juniper, tobacco, and sapphires monkshood, wine, and bees yeast, leather, and cinnabar