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From: Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game

Action Cost: 5

There's no point dipping your toe in. You sink or you swim.

Game Instructions: If you're not currently Closest To anyone else, this will make you Closest to the Great Game.

Unlocked with Closest To - is: None, Spending Secrets 4, Subtle 4, 1 x Searing Enigma, 3 x Presbyterate Passphrase, 1 x Sworn Statement, 3 x Dubious Testimony


Mister Crope

[…] You lived as him for months, smiling with his lips, spinning his nostalgic yarns, widening his web. He is missed, when he suddenly disappears. But Jebediah's friends are your friends, now. You know things they'll want you to keep to yourself.

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