It was a strategem of your own devising

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From: A Gathering of the Black Ribbon

Action Cost: 0

It was not gentlemanly, nor ladylike. It was not, perhaps, fair. But it was satisfying.

Game Instructions: This is a Subtle choice.


The beginning of something splendid

Your travels are extensive, your reading more so. You pick things up quickly, and have always had a knack for violence. Your martial practice does not have a name, yet, but the other duellists think it deserves one. […]

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  • Fistsmall.png You have unlocked new stories! (Sets A Name Scrawled in Blood to 6 - Capture beasts for Mr Inch to unlock new stories)
  • Bearsmall.png Dangerous is increasing… (+200 CP, up to level 200 + Dangerous Gains)
  • Knife2small.png You reject the constraints of tradition! You are developing martial techniques of your own. (Sets Identified with a Tradition: to 100 - Your own amalgam of a thousand different traditions)
  • Quirksubtlesmall.png Subtle is increasing… (+5 CP, up to level 15)
  • Quirksteadfastsmall.png Steadfast is dropping… (-5 CP)
  • Sidebarwoundssmall.png Your 'Wounds' Quality has gone!