Lead them like sacrifices to the Priests of the Red Bird

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From: The Upstairs Honey Den

Do they trust you, you who can tell them so much about the mysteries of dreams and beyond-the-mirror? Will they follow where you lead?

Game Instructions: This is not a kind action; it will increase your Ruthless if that is less than 9, and decrease your Magnanimous. It will also be the very last thing you get away with doing at Helicon House this evening.

Unlocked with The Long-Dead Priests of the Red Bird, Fitting in at Helicon House 5, Inspired... 10, Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp



[…] You lead your little band […] to where the Priests wait silently among the trees. […] they cut from your guests every memory, every recollection of interest to the Priests. You glean the less precious titbits […] and leave the Bohemians […] back at Helicon […]

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