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What will you become?


Approaching the threshold

You will be able to change what your Destiny holds, but not easily or often. Prepare yourself.


(Your path depends on the branch you took to arrive at A GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE.)

A Possible Future:[1] Possible Future Moved to Linked Storylet
A greedy thud at the window

A thud at the window[2]

An abyssal future Down among the Lorn-Flukes Gifts for the Feast
A furtive knock at the back door[3] An obscure future The Liberation of Night The lights are out
An unmarked black coach[4] A chilly future A Long Road A Conversation on the Road
A metallic rap at the door[5] A silvered future Wednesday in Parabola Wednesday in Parabola
A sword in the streets [6] A jewelled future The Approach to the Mountain September 21st, 1911


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