Little places to hide

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From: A little hideaway

A shack here, a cottage there. If you need to hide, they'll never find you.

Unlocked with 1 x Key to a Lair in the Marshes, 1 x Key to a Rooftop Shack, 1 x Key to a Smoky Flophouse Dormitory, 1 x Key to a Cottage by the Observatory, 1 x Key to your Rooms above a Bookshop, 1 x Key to your Rooms above a Gambling Den


A place here, a place there...

You have places to plan, a places to think, places to hide. Stashes and bolt-holes and hideaways. London is your honeycomb. What more do you need?

Success Instructions: Raise your 'A Person of Some Little Consequence' quality to 8 and head to your lodgings to advance this story.