A Person of Some Little Consequence

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On your way to becoming a person of importance

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Unlocked with[edit]


  1. Who is she? (storylet: Lodgings.png Your Lodgings)
  2. Tea with the Ambitious Barrister (storylet: Lodgings.png Your Lodgings)
  3. A Stroll around the Hill (storylet: Watchmakershill.png Watchmaker's Hill)
  4. A wander through Veilgarden (storylet: Veilgarden.png Veilgarden)
  5. A tour of Spite (storylet: Spite.png Spite)
  6. A walk down Ladybones Road (storylet: Ladybones.png Ladybones Road)
  7. At level 7 four cards appear throughout The Fifth City. They all allow to choose from wide variety of prerequisites needed to advance through the story. However, any option on any card immediately sets progress to level 8, so you can only play one opportunity per character.
  8. Sufficient Importance (storylet: Lodgings.png Your Lodgings)
  9. A most interesting briefcase (storylet: Lodgings.png Your Lodgings)
  10. A Morning for Business (storylet: Bazaar.png Bazaar Side-streets)
  11. Acquiring a Velocipede (storylet: Bazaar.png Bazaar Side-streets)
  12. Are we Done? (storylet: Bazaar.png Bazaar Side-streets)


  1. An Ally Visits your Lodgings!
  2. An Ally Visits your Lodgings!
  3. Prowling Watchmaker's Hill!
  4. Carousing in Veilgarden!
  5. In the Shadows of Spite!
  6. The Secrets of Ladybones Road!
  7. The Trappings of Importance!
  8. A Conversation in your Rooms!
  9. The Coils of the Bazaar!
  10. The Coils of the Bazaar!
  11. The Coils of the Bazaar!
  12. The Coils of the Bazaar!