Making Your Name: Getting to the Ball

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The Ambassador's ball is a highlight of the season. You are tired of gatecrashing: this time you're getting an invitation.

Game Instructions: To obtain Scraps of Incendiary Gossip, look for ‘Moving in Rarefied Circles’ or ‘Her Barbed Tongue’ in your Opportunity Deck.

Unlocked with A Name Signed with a Flourish exactly 3

Locked with The Darling of the Ambassador's Ball

Storylet appears in Veilgarden


Practise your little speech beforehand
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    Locked with Tutorial: Claimed Confident Smiles (hidden)



    Practiced, polished, perfect

    Success Instructions: Confident Smiles offer you Second Chances on Persuasive checks. You can use Second Chances to retry a failed check – but you must choose to spend them before attempting it. If you fail, you get another shot. You lose the Second Chance either way.

    Second Chances are particularly useful for branches that you can only attempt once, or where failure would set you back to some degree. You may find these useful for securing an invitation to the ball.

    You can also spend Second Chances in Your Social Engagements to improve your skills.

Calling in favours
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Hinting at one or two things you know