The Iron Correspondents

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Pen iron.png

Mr Iron's discarded pens sometimes write things the bearer did not want them to – bitter screeds in insistent, angry capitals. Most consider this a price worth paying, since occasionally, those screeds include glimpses of searing cosmic secrets. Owners of these pens exchange letters, and share the fragments of secrets the pens let slip.

This item is only available by spending FATE. For details, see Incarnadine Fur Robe.

See here for a list of how to obtain this item, or click here to show them.

It cannot be bought or sold at The Echo Bazaar!.

Effects when equipped in Affiliation slot:

This item has no other documented uses, but it may have FATE-locked uses.

Opportunity Card

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Equipping this Affiliation unlocks the following opportunity card:

Card Image Option Image Option Requirements Rewards
  • Pen iron.png