The Mirror-Marches

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This location has a card deck. Click the deck to see it.
A lush and stinking amber place of trees and eyed vines and orchids twining round mirror-frames.

See Category:The Mirror-Marches for cards or storylets that are found in this place or location.

See Category:The Mirror-Marches Moves for actions that change player location to this location.

Unlocked with one of:

Main Quality: Nightmares

Neither the Bazaar nor any other market is accessible in this location.

Music: Irrigo Below


  • Card deck: Cards - The Mirror-Marches
  • The deck in this location is limited to 6 cards (or 10 cards for Exceptional Friends).
  • The hand size in this location is determined by your Lodgings.
  • If you leave this location and come back later you will start with an empty hand.

Losing Your Mind[edit]

Regaining Your Sanity[edit]

Regular Storylets available at The Mirror-Marches[edit]

Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
The mirror-frames
Look at the wooden frame
Nightmares 1-2 Nightmares -2 CP
The mirror-frames
Look at the brass frame
Nightmares 3-5 Nightmares -2 CP
Scandal +1 CP
The mirror-frames
Look at the silver frame
Nightmares 4-5 Nightmares -2 CP
Wounds +1 CP
The mirror-frames
Look at the iron frame
Nightmares 6 Nightmares -2 CP
Wounds +2 CP
The mirror-frames
Look at the ivory frame
Mouse: So Little Time 3-6
Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target Exactly 6
Luck: 90% Nightmares -2 CP
9 x Cat: Getting Warmer
-1 Mouse: So Little Time
Nightmares -2 CP
The seductive forest
Follow the sound of water
Nightmares 5 Luck: 50% Nightmares -5 CP Nightmares +2 CP
The seductive forest
Follow the scent of roses
Nightmares 5 Nightmares -1 CP
The temple complex
Be enticed by the temples
Nightmares 3 Watchful 100 Nightmares -1 CP
Walking the Falling Cities +5 CP
Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus +5 CP
The temple complex
Stay away from the ruins
Nightmares 3 Nightmares +1 CP
Touched by Fingerwork +5 CP
A familiar scene?
Step through the mirror
Move to A state of some confusion
Wounds +2 CP
Gifts from your Friends

Accept an invitation

Renown: Bohemians 40
7 x Favours: Bohemians
No Oneiric Key
Oneiric Key
-7 Favours: Bohemians
The Game Begins

Remind them

Renown: The Great Game 40
7 x Favours: The Great Game
No The Great Game (Affiliation)
The Great Game (Affiliation)
-7 Favours: The Great Game