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From: Preparations


Game Instructions: Sit down, my friend, here by the well. There is a warning: make this choice, and you act beneath the sky and in the Name. You may and will lose other, unexpected, possessions. Who knows what that may be?

Unlocked with Fasting and Meditating to a Foolish End exactly 111

Locked with Impossible Theorem, Dreadful Surmise, Searing Enigma, Direful Reflection, Uncanny Incunabulum, Extraordinary Implication, Appalling Secret, Cryptic Clue, Whispered Hint


What's left?

What is a secret? Only a truth untested. You've given up so much (and yet so much remains: shhh, we won't speak of it; […]). Of the tested truths, a few fragments remain. A knife. A word. An hour. A cup. A candle. A promise. And now, a question.

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