Observe the Red-Handed Queen at work in Mahogany Hall

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From: The Dome of Scales, Adorned with Rubies

The Glass and the Shroud battle in front of the mirrors and behind them. Neither side perceives the Queen in their midst.

Game Instructions: Success will raise your Shadowy Gains if they are currently 12. This is one of several ways to raise Shadowy Gains; depending on your most recent Parabolan War campaign, you might also approach this tale from a different perspective.

Unlocked with Shadowy Gains 12, Base Shadowy 212, 64 x Well-Placed Pawn, 3 x Favours: The Great Game, Parabolan Commander, Parabolan Dominance


Out via Hollow Street

For a long way, the Queen's procession runs parallel to London: through the mirrors behind Hollow Street, through the barber-shop reflections[…]

[…]it leads[…] to the back of a stage mirror in Mahogany Hall – the only one not guarded by either cat or snake.

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