Report your success – but express cultural concerns

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From: F.F. Gebrandt's Travelling Exhibition

This 'treatment' that you have identified is part of an ancient and sacred local tradition. Should she be using it for commercial gain?

Unlocked with Something in the Water exactly 12



"Do you really believe that superstition should hold knowledge hostage? [...] I am not trying to [...] rob people of their religious practices. But if [...] knowledge [...] could be used to fuel the public good, is it not one's duty to bring that knowledge to light?"

Success Instructions: Return to F.F. with a Strange Catch to begin the experiment. There will be opportunities to interfere with her results if she has not changed your mind.

  • Watersmall.png F.F. has water – and a knife. All you need is something fishy. (Sets Something in the Water to 13 - Bring a Strange Catch to F.F. Gebrandt)