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Every Exceptional Story from Flint to The Ballad of Johnny Croak was released as a part of a Season. Completing all three stories within a Season unlocks a conclusion - an additional short story. The conclusions are notable for providing T7 items as rewards for completing them. While some of the items have since received additional sources, some others still require you to engage in lengthy scrap-grinding to obtain them outside of limited-time events. This guide aims to provide a brief overview of the conclusions and their rewards.

Do note that this is exclusively FATE-locked content. Significant efforts have been made to keep the necessary guidance from mentioning the narrative, or where unavoidable, doing it only in the most generalizing ways.

Reward Table[edit]

Heart's Blood
Family Ties


The Season of Heart's Blood[edit]

Unlocked by finishing Flint, The Art of Murder and The Waltz That Moved the World. The reward you receive depends on the choice you make at the end.

The Season of Family Ties[edit]

The conclusion is unlocked after finishing The Frequently Deceased, The Seven-Day Reign and The Pentecost Predicament. The reward you receive depends on a choice you make during the story.

  • If you choose to have a conversation, you'll receive a Coruscating Soul.
  • If you pick the other available option three times, you'll get a Starstone Demark instead.

The Season of Revolutions[edit]

Becomes available after completing Five Minutes to Midday, The Chimney Pot Wars and The Calendar Code. You will keep Uncovering Secrets in a Museum of Injustices as a memento and will also be able to pick your prize at the end.

The Season of Wrecks[edit]

The first Season to introduce a hub. You will need to finish Where You and I Must Go, Our Lady of Pyres and The Final Curtain to unlock the conclusion. The Bluejacket's Final Duty will remain after you're done. The final choice in the story will also determine your reward.

The Season of Skies[edit]

After finishing The Persona Engine, The Twelve-Fifteen from Moloch Street, The Century Exhibition and the related activities in the hub, the conclusion will unlock in the hub. You can choose to obtain Visions of the Blue Kingdom, but Confronting the Lighthearted Polymath is used to track your progress and the choice at the end, which also determines the item your receive.

The Season of Stones[edit]

You could find out more about the season after gaining access to its hub. The conclusion unlocks after completing The Clay Man's Arm, The Heart, the Devil and the Zee and HOJOTOHO!. You will retain one of the three unique qualities.

The Season of Ruins[edit]

The premise of the story could be gleaned by accessing its hub. You can begin the conclusion after playing The Web of the Motherlings, All Things Must End and The Attendants. The Avoidance of Sleep is used to track your progress and the final choice you make, which again determines your reward.

The Season of Sceptres[edit]

The story begins with a A Visitor to London. Completing Trial and Error, The Stone Guest and The Sinking Synod unlocks the conclusion. A Mirror for Princes, Casus Belli, The Fall of Vesture and The Regency's End will remind you of the choices you made.

The Season of Silver[edit]

The Season was introduced in An Impossibility of Magpies, which unlocked the hub. Finishing Steeped In Honey, Lamentation Lock and Factory of Favours will permit you to play the conclusion. A Fistful of Coinage will be retained after the story. The final choice is once again the one that matters.

The Season of Adorations[edit]

The hub was unlocked by playing A Peeved Pussycat. The conclusion becomes available after completing The Pursuit of Moths, The Murgatroyd Formula and The Rat-Catcher. Close to the Heart is used to track the progression of the story.

The Season of Embers[edit]

This Season began the trend of more simplified hubs. To access the conclusion you will have to complete The Bones of London, Written in the Glim and Required Repairs first.

The Season of Celebrations[edit]

The beginnings of the story can be glimpsed in the hub. The conclusion is unlocked with finished For All the Saints Who From Their Labours Rest, The Magician's Dream and A Little Pandemonium.

The Season of Hobbies[edit]

The main character of the Season is introduced in the hub. Finishing Daylight, The Price of Loss and Cricket, Anyone? will unlock the conclusion. A Toymaker's Request tracks the progression of the story and will mention the outcome. Several other qualities are introduced, and they will determine your reward.

The Season of Explorations[edit]

The story begins in the Season's hub. The conclusion is accessible by completing Noises from Upstairs (no turn-in item), Tauroktonos and The Stag and the Shark. You will retain Long-Forgotten Waters as a memento. A choice near the end will determine what item you receive.

The Season of Bargains[edit]

The hub, as always, was present for everyone. The conclusion requires finished The Garden Embassy, My Kingdom for a Pig and The Shallows though. A choice near the end impacts the final reward.

The Season of Propinquity[edit]

The story of the conclusion begins in the hub. To finish it you need to complete The Heretic of Hollow Street, Say it With Flowers and The Committee first. There are three possible rewards.

The Season of Animals[edit]

The Season was introduced with the hub. Completing Por Una Cabeza, Fine Dining and Borrowed Glory unlocks the conclusion.

The Season of Endeavour[edit]

The last Season under the old system with a hub and a conclusion unlocked by finishing Shades of Yesterday, Go Tell the King of Cats and The Ballad of Johnny Croak. A Disposition for Adventure tracks your progress during the story. Several hidden qualities influence the final reward, so images of the relevant branches are provided for guidance.