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  • EarlyMYN → Early MYN Content
  • LateMYN → Late MYN Content
  • EarlyPoSI → Early PoSI Content
  • MidPoSI → Mid PoSI Content
  • LatePoSI → Late PoSI Content
  • EarlyParabola → Early Parabola Content
  • LateParabola → Late Parabola Content
  • EarlyZailing → Early Zailing Content
  • MidZailing → Mid Zailing Content
  • LateZailing → Late Zailing Content
  • EarlyRailroad → Early Railroad Content
  • LateRailroad → Late Railroad Content
  • PostRailroad → Post-Railroad Content
  • EarlyFirmament → Early Firmament Content
  • LateFirmament → Late Firmament Content
  • PostFirmament → Post-Firmament Content
Hellgatesmall.png Post-Railroad Content and Onwards

Adding Evergreen = true will add "and Onwards" to the box and indicates that the content will remain highly relevant to a player through the end game.

Ladybonessmall.png FATE-locked Early MYN Content

Adding Fate = true will add "FATE-locked" to the box and indicates that the content is fate locked.

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Ladybonessmall.png Early MYN Content
Placeholder4small.png Late MYN Content
Diamondsmall.png Early PoSI Content
Dawnmachinesmall.png Mid PoSI Content
St mountainssmall.png Late PoSI Content
Parabolasmall.png Early Parabola Content
Bleedingforestsmall.png Late Parabola Content
Shipsmall.png Early Zailing Content
Island3small.png Mid Zailing Content
Zailing corsairsforestsmall.png Late Zailing Content
Railsteelsmall.png Early Railroad Content
Railwaysmall.png Late Railroad Content
Hellgatesmall.png Post-Railroad Content
Neathroofsmall.png Early Firmament Content
Upperairsmall.png Late Firmament Content
Neathroofsmall.png Post-Firmament Content


  • EarlyMYN Content is content in London requiring Making Your Name 1-5.
  • LateMYN Content is content in London requiring Making Your Name 6+, but before PoSI
  • EarlyPoSI Content is content in London available after you initially become a Person of Some Importance.
  • MidPoSI Content is content in London that begins to involve advanced skills.
  • LatePoSI Content is content in London that involves activities requiring increasing your primary stats.
  • EarlyParabola Content is content in Parabola that you have access to immediately upon entering Parabola.
  • LateParabola Content is content in Parabola that involves high skill checks geared towards end game players. This is currently only Parabolan War content.
  • EarlyZailing Content is content in Zee destinations that do not require advanced skills (i.e., Home Waters and Shepherd's Wash).
  • MidZailing Content is content in more difficult Zee destinations and those that require access to advanced skills.
  • LateZailing Content is content in Zee destinations related to the railroad, or those that require raising Zeefaring Ztudies.
  • EarlyRailroad Content is content about starting and running the railroad; and content in Ealing, Jericho, and The Magistracy.
  • LateRailroad Content is content in Balmoral through Moulin.
  • PostRailroad Content is content in The Hurlers and beyond (i.e., after the conclusion of The Efficient Commissioner's Tale), including the City of the Tracklayers.
  • EarlyFirmament Content is content about getting an airship and content in Hallow's Throat.
  • LateFirmament Content is TBD.
  • PostFirmament Content is TBD.

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