Sell the location of the Cave of the Nadir (The Great Game)

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From: Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game

The Imperturbable Spymaster looks notably perturbed. "Extraordinary! If your information is reliable... we will need to verify it, of course. But I am, I will confess, terribly interested."

Game Instructions: This will earn you a Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell, and the gratitude of spies. If you are Closest To - someone else, you will become Closest To the Great Game.

Unlocked with Route: The Cave of the Nadir exactly 3


Steepled Fingers

"Well and well and how. This puts matters in a different light. An irrigo light, ha ha. We'll have to decide how to deploy the information. […] I suggest you dispose of the paper afterwards: but I recommend you don't use fire to do so."

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