September's Anarchy

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The castle is open to all. […] September delivers occasional pronouncements from the balcony. Generally they are […] trivial […]

The Union Jack has been removed […]. In its place, there is a midnight banner adorned with scarlet letters: 'Home of the free.'

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Unlocked with a redirect from Seek admittance

Storylet appears in Balmoral


Spend an evening with September
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    Action Cost: 0



    The accumulation of liberty

Accept a gift from Balmoral's Castellan
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    Locked with A Gift from Balmoral



    (see below)

    Balmoral's Castellan Title Description Gift
    1: Unyielding Highlander Highlander's honour A dinner is held in your honour. […] The Unyielding Highlander is a precise host. […]

    At precisely midnight there is a ceilidh […] The next morning, a parcel is delivered to you. It is addressed to the Board, with the Highlander's compliments.

    Bootsgreysmall.png You've gained 1 x Pair of Balmoral Boots
    2: Fervent Widow Something old, something new […]Villagers, artists and Septemberists[…] march around the castle in a bright parade.

    Afterwards […]the games[…] […]When you head for the station the next day, you find a package for the Board. It is addressed to fellow 'Enemies of all Empires.'

    Questionsmall.png You've gained 1 x Tinned Ham
    3: September The principles of the enemy September has assembled a literary salon […]

    Later, September tells you that he is about his great work: the distilling of utopian principles from the dystopian utterings of the censorious Master. […] September presents you with a small box. […]

    Currency3 coppersmall.png You've gained 125 x Hinterland Scrip

    Wiki note: A living story is triggered that removes A Gift from Balmoral in a week's time, rather than Time, the Healer removing the quality. Redirects to: Balmoral

Sneak down to the Kitchens of Balmoral