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From: Lost in Strange Lands

You have not found the mirror you're looking for. But it is likely out there somewhere.

Game Instructions: As you travel in pursuit, you will gain Parabolan Scouting. The more Parabolan Scouting you have, the easier the Shadowy challenge.

Unlocked with Foliageorange.png Parabolan Destination

Locked with Beartrap.png Parabolan Quarry

Challenge information

Broad, Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 300

  • 205 - very chancy (41%)
  • 255 - chancy (51%)
  • 305 - modest (61%)
  • 355 - very modest (71%)
  • 405 - low-risk (81%)
  • 455 - straightforward (91%)
  • 500 - straightforward (100%)

Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy, Broad-type challenge with base difficulty of (180 + 20*(Knife.png Parabolan Ferocity - Wake.png Parabolan Scouting)).
The above example is for Look for Mr Iron's Warehouse at Knife.png Parabolan Ferocity 6 and Wake.png Parabolan Scouting 0.



Is that it? The back of that mirror?


The way forward

(see table below)

Jungle.png Airs Fluff Text
1 - 19 […] flagstones become a staircase […] and below you is a valley […] a bubbling hot spring of broth. Beside the broth-spring is a man in a chef's uniform who invites you to be clothed in dumpling-dough and bob in the soup […] You lose track of time […]
20 - 39 […] You are getting smaller as you walk, so that […] becomes a sort of labyrinth […] Then they widen even further […] and you are traveling at the bottom of the crevasse […]

A little longer […] and you are walking again in Parabola.

40 - 59 […] tired of walking on your legs, so you grow arms in their place. The sensation of walking on your hands is a pleasant one[…]

[…] you become self-conscious about your leg-arms, because they do not fit very well in your clothes[…] So you grow your feet again.

60 - 79 You stroll through a forest that comes up to your knees. Sometimes your footstep frightens a miniature stag.
80 - 89 You fight your way through jungle so thick that you can see no more than a few feet ahead. The leaves are always in your face and the vines always underfoot.
90 - 94 You walk for a very long time: so long, in fact, that you begin to walk in your own footsteps over again. They grow deeper and deeper each time you pass this way.
95 - 98 You pass through a valley of ash. At the far end, a few trees are slowly un-burning, forming themselves out of charcoal stumps. It is terribly cold.
99 - 100 You walk across a desert floor. In the middle of nowhere is a vast pile of top hats. Those at the bottom of the pile look worn and out of fashion. It takes a long time to walk past the hats, and new ones continue to rain from the sky.